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Latest technologies and the best kitchen finishes in the world make our kitchens stand apart from everything else. We offer glossy acrylics, matte and lacquered natural veneers, lacquered and matte painted surfaces in 220 ICA colors (ITALY), painted and decorative glass finishes in gloss or satin, laminates, structured melamine’s and thermo foils.


All together we offer well over 4000 choices of finishes. All of our kitchen finishes have been hand selected to represent best designs on the market, durability that will be your kitchen last and designs that will make your kitchens look stylish even in 10 years.


You have the choice of over 1000 finishes, styles and colors to get that unique look for your kitchen.


Acrylic Kitchens is a new trend from Europe with a smooth acrylic finish available in high gloss solid and metallic colors. 


Our Glass Front Kitchens offer the finest quality glass imported from Belgium and are available in over 200 colors.


Veneer Kitchens demonstrate the blend of traditional materials with sophisticated design compositions. 


Laminate Kitchens present an affordable range of kitchens that are durable and cost effective at the same time.


Lacquered Kitchens are available in a High Gloss or Matte finish. This is the finest quality kitchens you can find on the market


Thermofused Kitchens are one of the most cost-effective kitchen design options and one of the most durable options.

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