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We offer spectacular kitchen styles that offer quality, aesthetics and sophistication.

Here you will find 11 various styles of modern and transitional kitchen designs. We always supply the best quality surfaces from Germany and Italy and special touched are made by door designs.


Some signified by the shape of the doors and others distinctive for its unique integrated handles. All kitchens are built using the best hardware by Blum (Austria).



The luxurious Capri kitchen style is created with the use of Capri style cabinet doors. Capri styled cabinet doors are known for their sleek, and modern appearance due to the hidden handle.


A Lucca kitchen style consists of Lucca cabinet doors, which provide a simple yet intriguing design. This style of cabinet door consists of a somewhat “hidden” handle, which is a part of the door.


Rome kitchen style delivers traditional 5 piece look of raised panel doors for those that love traditional kitchen look. Available in a variety of Matte, Lacquered or Thermofoil colors.


A Cologne kitchen style provides a modern appearance, and easy access cabinet doors. This style is one of the most popular as a result of pleasing aesthetics and its comfortable design.


This is a dream kitchen with sleek look of frameless aluminum doors fitted with painted frosted or lacquered glass.


This style of kitchen is fairly similar to the Lucca style, however instead of it appearing as the door itself, a Munich kitchen style integrates an aluminum handle.


This is the ideal style of cabinet door for a very modern and lacquered kitchen design. This specific style is not confined to any certain cabinet door finish, but it often paired with high-gloss.


A Teramo kitchen style is known for its unique handle and special routing of the door design. The stainless steel handle which is a component of the door, raised up from the cabinet door.


Like many of our kitchen styles designed with aluminum handles, Scheer style cabinet doors have aluminum handles integrated into the cabinet door, itself.

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