Our Lacquered Kitchens are available in High Gloss or Matte finishes and in over 220 colors. This is a top of the line quality where the surface is made to perfection. All doors and panels undergo a strict aging process preserving the shape and quality of the doors for many years. The doors are finished exactly the same way on the front and edges, and the back side is color matched in matte finish. Our most popular door style is KASSEL, which represents slab style doors.


There are several styles of doors available with integrated aluminum handles; the most distinctive and unique is LUCCA style where the handle is integrated into the edge of the door and finished to match. Often, when designing Lacquered kitchens we mix two shades of colors, with lighter colored cabinets on the top and darker on the bottom. This technique allows us to show the beauty and depth of varnish, while balancing it with complimentary or opposite colors. Your kitchen can be designed in matte or high gloss. To see available standard box configurations click on the Cabinet Boxes button at the top of the page.


Any standard size box can have its height and width adjusted. Additionally we offer custom box fabrication if you require something very special. Browse through some of our Varnished Kitchen inspirations to see what you like the best. If you need assistance with your design do not hesitate to contact us. We serve customers all over USA, Canada, Caribbean Islands and South America. Every design comes with full color renderings and specifications




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