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LED Lights: Time to Illuminate Your Home

We’ve encountered quite a few questions about our LED lights, so we thought we would give you a rundown. What are the benefits?

Out of sight, out of mind. LED lights can be tiny! They fit anywhere and you don’t have to see any bulky bulbs or cords.– Go green! No matter the size, the energy exerted is always the same. Not to mention, LEDs create more light per watt than your run of the mill incandescent.

Have you tried turning it on and off again? No matter how often you cycle through your light solutions, your bulbs won’t burn out as quickly as a fluorescent one.

No reflection needed. Your usual bulbs need a reflector to gain a designed focus, but LEDs just need to be placed in the correct place.

Safety first! No mercury included and since they’re made from solid state components, they aren’t going to break as easily as your usual fragile fare.

Keep it cool. You’re going to have cool light and cool surfaces! Any surrounding objects or materials will be safe from the heat emitted from the light source. Any lingering heat will be dispersed from the base of the light instead of the bulb.

Live long and prosper! Why settle for a 1,000-15,000 hour bulb when you can get 35,000-50,000? This one speaks for itself.So, with all this in mind, how do we integrate this? All of our lights are built into the core of our panels. We have a wide array of possibilities–light your space up from head to toe kick!

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