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Our Tall Pantry/Appliance Cabinet Boxes are manufactured using only the finest ¾” textured melamine finishes imported from Germany. The boxes are only available in European box construction which is often referred to as “frameless”. The depth of our base cabinets is 24 inches. We offer 20 colors for you to choose from. Our standard toekick is 6 inches high. Pantry/Appliance Cabinet boxes are available with adjustable shelves, pull out drawers and compartments for appliances. Custom box configurations and sizes are available upon request. Note, cabinet boxes with part numbers starting with “UH” have an integrated handless system, therefore do not require any handles.

To view box sizes and options click on the desirable box type. For a list of available colors visit the Cabinet Box Colors page.

If you need assistance with your design do not hesitate to contact us. We serve customers all over USA, Canada, Caribbean Islands and South America. Every design comes with full color renderings and specifications.

Select a height of the desired tall pantry/appliance cabinets and browse through the options.

Please Note: Cabinet Height does not include Toe-Kicks. All Toe-Kicks are 150mm.

1. Height: 2282mm (89.94″)

2. Height: 2180mm (85.83″)

3. Height: 2079mm (81.85″)

4. Height: 1977mm (77.83″)

5. Height: 1926mm (75.83″)

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