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Modern Kitchens are distinctive by their appearance and functionality. They often follow the minimalist approach with high efficiency of the use of space. Most common features include smooth doors, clean designed lines, and the integration of organizational components throughout the kitchen. Most common Modern Kitchens are associated with the lacquered finish look, use of exotic veneers, or a combination of both. Often times, you will find integrated handles as the biggest part of the Modern Kitchen look creating a smooth flawless appearance. ORGA-LINE (adjustable dividing system) by Blum is noted to be one of the most popular accessories available on the market for Modern Kitchens.

Most of the kitchens that we offer fall under the category of Modern Kitchens. Complete range of finishes includes of lacquered surfaces, veneer, laminate, acrylic, thermofoil and thermofused. Wide range of door styles are available with integrated handles. Upon your desire we can integrate ORGA-LINE throughout your entire kitchen. If you are looking for a true modern kitchen look then please allow our designers to help you as this is our specialty.

Latest trend in Modern Kitchen design integrates hand-less system that allows to eliminate the need for any handles. Additionally, almost every kitchen we design these days have LED lights. We offer LED’s integrated into shelves, bottom of cabinets, drawer sides, inside of the box, toe kicks and even hand-less system. You can choose to have cold white or worm white colors

primary kitchen - optimat black & shift linear tan heartwood horizontal-2.jpg
primary kitchen - optimat navy & shift linear chestnut heartwood-1.jpg
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