Typically European Kitchen term represents a certain type of box construction as well as finishes of the doors. In the following article we will explain how you can identify if you have what is called European Kitchen or if that is what you really want. Side notes, all of our Kitchens are manufactured in Europe and follow the standards of traditional European craftsmanship.

First of all, to identify if you are looking at a European Kitchen you need to pay attention to the doors and see if they cover the entire box. The main distinction of European Kitchens is something called “frameless box construction” which essentially means that when the doors are closed they should cover the frame entirely making it invisible from the front. Any exposed sides of the cabinet box are always covered with side panels that would usually match the doors. Side panels would be the same thickness as the front doors or drawers. The other distinctive feature of European Cabinets is the adjustable leg levelers with clip-on toe kicks. The most common finish of doors is high gloss which can be achieved using thermofoil, varnish, acrylic, varnished glass, veneer or even laminates. Most commonly seen doors are completely smooth surface doors that are often referred to as slab style doors. Optionally you can see matte, wood grain textured or raised surface thermofoil doors in traditional European Kitchen construction.

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